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Summer Job Fair Terms & Conditions


  1. Career Services and Co-operative Education reserves the right to limit the number of booths represented by the same industry per fair day to 3, as we strive to achieve variety for our students from various degree programs
  2. Should a registered Summer Job Fair employer participate in any prohibited recruitment activity on campus, as outlined in our Employer Terms and Conditions, the Career Services and Co-operative Education reserves the right to cancel registration without refund and may refuse registration for future fairs
  3. Should an employer cancel their registration, the Career Services and Co-operative Education requires at least 2 week’s notice prior to fair day for a refund minus a cancellation fee of $50.00.  Registrations cancelled within 2 weeks of the fair will not be eligible for refund
  4. On fair day, employers are required to limit recruitment activities to their booth area.  Solicitation of students outside of this area is not permitted.  Booth dimensions are noted on the registration system and we kindly request that recruitment activities be limited to these dimensions
  5. No more than 4 representatives per booth are permitted at any given time
  6. Summer job fair participants who elect to pay via invoice will be emailed an invoice within 48 hours of registration with payment due upon receipt of the invoice.  Payment must be received in full one week prior to the date of the fair.  All governmental departments are exempt from this requirement, and full payment will be due within 30 days of the event.  Should an employer not submit payment within these guidelines, Career Services and Co-operative Education reserves the right to consider suspending all recruitment services until such time as payments are received in full
  7. Any employer requiring applicants to make an initial financial investment in order to secure employment are not eligible for this event