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Work Study Program for Campus Employers

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The Work Study Program 
The Work Study Program is a financial aid program administered by the Awards and Financial Aid Office. The Work Study Program provides assistance to undergraduate students with financial need unmet by the Ontario Student Assistance Program and/or government student aid funding from another province. The Work Study Program will fund the minimum wage of $15.00/hr + 4% vacation for part-time work on campus up to a maximum of 192 hours for the fall/winter semester per student.  Academic departments, faculty and student services departments that require part-time help during the 2019-20 academic year are welcome to post a work study position through the Career Services CUHire job posting portal.

Terms & Conditions 
• Total number of work hours: 192 for the fall and winter terms combined until March 15, 2020;
• Number of work hours per week: A minimum of 5 and a maximum of 15 hours per week; NOTE: Hours should be flexible to accommodate the student’s academic schedule.
• Rate of Pay: $15.00/hr plus 4% vacation pay, paid to the student by the Work Study Program; NOTE: Payment to student employees that work in excess of the total 192 hours will be the full responsibility of the hiring department.

Student Application and Eligibility 

Application: Students must apply to the work study program each year regardless if they were accepted into the program the previous year. The application form will be available via Carleton Central as of August 28, 2019. Students will be able to check the status of their application on Carleton Central. Approved students will be able to access and apply to work study positions through the mySuccess job portal as of September 3, 2019. Students are required to print their Certificate of Approval from Carleton Central and provide it to the department that has offered them a work study position, the hiring deparment is required to fill out and sign the form once they hire a student. This Certificate of Approval must be returned to the Awards Office by the student. A student may begin working at any time upon being hired, work hours should be scheduled around students' academic schedules.

Approval: All students must be approved by the Awards Office before they are able to view, apply and accept a work study position.

Student Eligibility Requirements
• Canadian citizen/permanent resident, a limited number of international students may also participate in the program subject to the availability of funds;
• Must be in an undergraduate degree program and remain registered in 60% of a full course load (1.5 credits per term) or 40% of a full course load (1.0 credit per term) for students with disabilities registered with the Paul Menton Centre;
• Satisfactory academic progress;
• Must be applying and receiving student assistance for the fall/winter sessions (ie: OSAP/loans, Government Financial Aid from another province); and
• Demonstrate financial need as determined by the Awards and Financial Aid Office.

Student Approval Communication Process
• Students will receive an email from the Awards Office indicating they have been approved for the program;
• Students must print a Certificate of Approval from Carleton Central;
• The Certificate of Approval includes a description of the hiring procedures for the hiring departments which must be signed by the hiring department and returned to the Awards and Financial Aid Office by the student.

Applying to Work Study Positions 
• Students will view and apply to work study positions on mySuccess via Carleton Central.
NOTE: Only those students with a Certificate of Approval will be given access to view work study positions.

Posting Work Study Positions 
•  We have added a skills development list to the work study job posting module for campus employers to select the skills that students will be developing or enhancing through their work study position. This will assist students in articulating and transferring their skill set to their resumes. 

• For returning hiring departments, previously posted work study positions can be viewed in your account. Login at

• For new user, an account on CUHire must be created before you will be able to enter your work study position(s). Create a new Work Study employer account on this page

Deadline to post a Work Study position to the CUHire job posting portal: August 30, 2019

Approval of Work Study Positions
• All work study job postings are limited to internal Carleton employers and are subject to approval by Career Services.
• Hiring departments will receive notification of the status of the work study position submission.
• Approved positions will be available to students on mySuccess as of September 3, 2019.
• Positions will remain active on the job posting portal until the position is filled or the close of the program on October 31, 2019.
• There is no guarantee that all positions will be filled.

Helpful Hints for Job Postings 
• Provide a brief description of the role and designated responsibilities;
• Outline any specific skills/requirements that are needed for the position (all positions should provide training);
• Briefly describe how the role will positively impact the work unit and the benefits of the experience for the student;
• We have added a skills development list to the work study job posting module for campus employers to select the skills that students will be developing or enhancing through your work study position. Additional skills not listed may be incorporated into the job description section. This will asssist students in articulating and transferring their skill set to their resumes.

Please note:  1. work study positions should be learning experiences and skill development opportunities for students.
                       2. work study students are not permitted to work from home 

Please contact Lorraine Anderson at ext. 1645, with questions or difficulties entering your job posting(s) on the Work-Study Postings portion of the CUHire system.
Please contact Christina Stokes, Awards Office at ext. 8501, with questions regarding student eligibility, the student approval process, and student approved working hours and salary.
Please contact Perry Legakis, Director of Student Awards at ext. 3601, with questions regarding the Carleton Work Study Program specific to policies, terms and conditions.