Connection Tips

Troubleshooting Tips for Built-In Video

The My Video Chats page and Admin Views only show TODAY's video chats.

If you join a video chat while your camera is in use in another application (I.e. teams), the video portion of your video chat will not work.

If your network doesn't have enough bandwidth to support both the video and audio portions for your video chat, it will automatically keep trying to establish first the audio and then the video connection. The chats will work at all times though.

Resources available if you are having a connection or quality issues:

The latest release version of many browsers are supported, I.e. Chrome, Edge, Safari: . If you are having issues, try upgrading your browser to the latest version.

Run a pre-call test:

Tokbox/Vonage doesn't give Participants on mobile devices the option to share their screen.

These are the officially supported browsers:

Google Chrome (latest release version)

Firefox (latest release version)

Opera (latest release version)

Electron (latest release version - anything earlier than Safari 11 might not work)

Safari (latest release version)

Microsoft Edge. Full support for Chromium-based versions of Edge (version 79+)