How to Book A Virtual Appointment

This guide will show you how to sign up for a virtual appointment on mySuccess. See this page for guidance on how to start your appointment after it has been scheduled


1. Once signed into mySuccess, go to the Career Services, then Career Appointments on the left-side menu. Select "Book by Appointment Type".

2. Choose the appointment type and select the "Book" button.

3. Under "Next Available Appointments" select the date that works for you.

Screen view booking an appontment

4. Then select the timeslot that works best for you

5. The next screen will show what information is needed to complete the booking. Note in this case, you should provide a number to be reached and upload your resume from your computer. You can only book the appointment if a resume is uploaded, see below that no file is chosen.

 - Below you can see the file is now present after being selected from your computer. Now select "Book Appointment"

6. This is the summary screen confirming the booking. The "Join" button will only appear on the day and near the time of the appointment.