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International Work Term Requirements for Outbound Students 

All students who wish to pursue an in-person international work term will be responsible for completing two mandatory forms and accepting the terms and conditions outlined here. Please be aware that an international work term may be canceled or postponed at any time and that students will be responsible for all related costs. Sudden cancellations, while rare, are outside of Co-op's control.

How to find the two mandatory forms
Note: you must have accepted your offer of employment in order to access the forms.

1) Log in to mySuccess.

2) On the right hand side of the screen is your "Co-op Sequence". Scroll down to the term in question (for example, Term: 2024 - Summer) and click on "View Related Forms".

3) You are required to complete the two forms at the bottom: "International Work Term Requirements" AND "Request for Special Authorization for to Proceed with an International Work term". For both forms, you will have to click on them and "Create Record". The questions will then pop up. Please answer them to the best of your ability. If you need assistance, please email


4) Be sure to hit "Submit" at the bottom once you have entered all the information.

The Co-op Office will confirm once your forms have received University approval.